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The star of AntioxidantsJapanese Knotweed Extract 400 mg, the richest source of resveratrol known to date, 2 months of cure.(Fallopia japonica - roots) containing 98% of resveratrol

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This magical "mix" of Curcuma, Harpagophytum and Boswellia represents the best anti-inflammatory & natural pain-killer available on the market.Both preventive and curative, Arti-CurcuMix is not available elsewhere.Arti-CurcuMix 450 mg is based on Biocurcumax® which is a patented extract of turmeric, 100% natural curcumin.

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RE-GENE DETOX est un complément alimentaire destiné aux adultes désirant faire une cure bénéfique détoxifiante de 30 jours.Une boite de RE-GENE DETOX contient 2 flacons day (jour) et night (soir) de 90 gélules chacun.

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TA-65® - 30 capsules - (dosage : 100 units)

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TA-65® - 90 capsules - (dosage : 250 units) TA-65® is a telomerase activator discovered by California biotech company Geron, and licensed to T.A Sciences. Taking TA-65 capsules in a 12 month program is known as the Patton Protocol. TA-65 turns on the hTERT gene* which activates the telomerase (an enzyme) which can lengthen your telomeres.

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