Information for Client:

RETRO-AGING respects the legal information obligations relative to the Belgian law on commercial practices and to the protection of the consumer of July 14th 1991, as modified by the Belgian law of May 25th 1999, and by the Belgian law of March 2003 on some juridical aspects of services and of information.


The following general terms of sale determine the rights and obligations of the company RETRO-AGING and of the buyer in the context of the sale of goods and of the programs proposed by the company RETRO-AGING on its website. It concerns a contract established from distance on an electronic mode, the company RETRO-AGING.

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In the following contract, the buyer or client is named “the buyer”.


The current contract is composed by the following general Terms of Sale and by the decreasing order of juridical value, the email of confirmation of the order and the bill. With respect to the law, RETRO-AGING retains during a length of ten years your contract in its informatics registry. You dispose of a right to access the archived contract that you will be allowed to exercise by sending an email to the following address: The computerized registry, keeps in the computerized systems of RETRO-AGING in reasonable conditions of security, will be considered as proof of communication, of orders and of payments that took place between the parties. The archiving of the confirmation email and of the bills will be done on a reliable and lasting medium which can be juridically produced as proof.


RETRO-AGING makes the client acquainted with the group of essential characteristics of the goods and services proposed. For the products, these characteristics appear in support of the picture illustrating the offer. When the pictures present the products in a certain illustrative context, the buyer is informed that the context is not contractual.

4. OFFERS and the PRICES

All the offers of products and services proposed on the website are limited to Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Monaco. The offer is done for an undetermined length of time. It is to the buyer to pay attention to the validity limit of the offer as précised on the website www.RETRO-AGING-com.
The prices are indicated in the purchase order online. They are indicated in euros all taxes included, spare the participation in transportation costs. The transportation costs include a participation in the costs of preparation and wrapping as well as the costs of stamping. They are relative to the total amount of the order.


5.1. Steps to follow to make an order on the website.

The order is validated only when confirmation of payment is received by bank card. When the banking platform sends back the validation message of the transaction by bank transfer when the information is brought to the knowledge of RETRO-AGING by its bank.

5.2. Orders by telephone

RETRO-AGING does not accept orders per telephone. It accepts orders only when written or via the website.

5.3. Accepted modes of payment

The buyer accepts to pay the cost of the goods purchased as well as all the additional costs (including all taxes and increases to the legal interest rate in case of delays) which may be contracted in the course of its purchases or linked to them. The buyer disposes, of his own choosing, the following payment possibilities:

By bank card (secure payment)
By PayPal (secure payment) 

By bank transfer (free in Europe)

RETRO-AGING uses the solution of electronic commerce PAYPAL. In this way the buyer is guaranteed protection of his transactions. The banking information provided in the course of the confirmation of an order do never transit “en clair” on the Internet network, avoiding all risks of piracy. Thy coding of information is done in 128 bits, which is the highest coding level authorized. RETRO-AGING gives the precision that the payment takes place directly on the bank platform of PAYPAL and that RETRO-AGING has at no moment access to the code of the bank card of the buyer.


We don't ship to Germany, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Thailand, Kuwait, Qatar, Ireland, Indonesia, Malaysia or UK.

The delivery takes place in Belgium and in Luxemburg via Fedex®. The delivery time is within 1 to 4 working days. For France and Monaco the delivery takes place through the service of Colissimo. The delivery time is within 2 to 6 working days.
(*) The announced delivery times are to be considered at the date of expedition of the orders by RETRO-AGING, which is the same day as the orders validated before 13h, otherwise the next day. The orders are not expedited during the weekends or bank holidays. The guaranteed delay announced does not consider cases of exceptional circumstances which can prevent the delivery within the stipulated times (bad weather, temporary shortage, delays by customs for international orders), nor for problems of delivery due to the buyer. All claims must be lodged within ten days from the validated date of the order. Retro-Aging is not responsible for any delay due to specific laws in application at destination wherever the country is located. Customer can not claim any refund for these sort of problem, he has to be sure that the delivery country aloud the importation of these kind of products. 


The buyer may exercise his right to withdraw within 7 days starting at the reception of the products. This right is exercised by sending back the products to RETRO-AGING, with only the cost of shipping remaining paid by the buyer. The products must be in good condition and original packaging and returned by registered mail at the cost of the buyer within maximum 7 days that follow the delivery.
No returns will be accepted after this delay of 7 days.

Only the non-opened products are reimbursed. We thank you to indicate at the back of the original bill, the reason of the return.
Will also not be taken back or reimbursed, the packages for which no joined element enables to identify the expeditor (n° of the order, name, first name, address).

Wrap up the articles carefully and send to:
Retro Aging Solutions
Duarefstrooss 31
9990 Weiswampach

 Please allow for a delay of 20 working days for the processing of your return.

The reimbursement takes place:
By the reimbursement of the due date of the bank card already debited and/or by the cancelling of the transactions not yet expired. The costs and risks associated with the sending back of the products are at the expense of the expeditor. The reimbursement does therefor not include the shipping costs. In case of delivery costs offered, the flat-rate is applied. This amount corresponds to the tariffs applied on the day of the order. With regards to the provision of a service, the withdrawal time is 7 whole days to be calculated from the acceptation date of the offer of a provision of service proposed by RETRO-AGING.


No commercial guarantee other than the legal guarantees are provide by RETRO-AGING. It is the client’s responsibility to always check his package upon arrival. All claims or complaints should be addressed to the customer service department within the following 3 days of delivery. The client disposes of a 3 day period starting at delivery to address his complaints. All complaints must be formulated by writing to the following address:

Any guarantee is canceled in cases of defect or deteriorations originating from outside events, accidents, sabotage or any event presenting the characteristics of cases of force majeur. Any guarantee is in particular excluded, in cases of mode of conservation of the products at the consumer which are improper to their nature.


9.1. Products

Except the right to withdraw and the legal guarantees mentioned above, all return of products must be subject to the preliminary agreement of RETRO-AGING and to comply to the conditions required by the company. Without preliminary agreement and/or respect of the return conditions, all packages will be refused by RETRO-AGING and re-expedited at the cost of the sender.

9.2. Packages returned and not claimed back

The packages not claimed back by clients are returned to RETRO-AGING by the transport after 2 trials and 10 working days. RETRO-AGING then sends a message to the client to inform him of the return of the package. The re-expedition of the package is paid for by the client and corresponds to the real amount paid by RETRO-AGING.


In cases of unavailability of the ordered product, the buyer will be informed in due course by phone or email of this unavailability. RETRO-AGING will propose or a replacement product of equal quality or the reimbursement of the whole sum paid, within 30 days of the notification of the unavailability of the product.


The dietetic programs proposed by RETRO-AGING constitute on one hand the support which will help you to attain the determined objectives and on the other, they are well founded on experience and statistics which demonstrate their effectiveness. However, the weight loss objectives are average objectives and are carried out by RETRO-AGING for information purposes only. The attainment of these objectives depends on the rigorous follow up of your dietetic program, but also essentially of your health state susceptible to influence the weight loss and other factors such as the practice of sports and the follow up of a balanced diet.

Regarding this, RETRO-AGING attracts your attention to the fact that the suggested food complements cannot replace a healthy diet. Consequently, RETRO-AGING could not be tied to an obligation of results with regards to the attainment of the objectives of weight loss. In case of doubt, before starting or during your weight loss program, consult your MD or even better your dietician without waiting.


All the rights on the website are the propriety of the company RETRO-AGING. These rights are reserved. All the documentation available on this site is proposed to our visitors only for a personal usage. In no cases, is it authorized to reproduce, to modify, to use, to re-use the content of the site for public or commercial ends, including the text’s images, supports except with the prior that the written agreement from RETRO-AGING has been obtained.


The present general terms of sale constitute the integrality of the agreements between the parties, cancel and replace all previous agreements or communications, written or oral. If a clause of the present general conditions of terms is declared illegal, void or non- executable by a tribunal for whatever reason, this clause will be disassociated from the other clauses and will not change the validity, opposability of those other clauses. The titles of the articles of the present general terms of sale are given to facilitate comprehension and have no juridical value.

The client is not allowed to resell the products. All orders made by a client are for his personal usage or for the personnel usage of the person in name of whom the delivery must be realized.   


The present contract is concluded for an undefined period of time.


The present contract is subject to Belgian law and the legal rules of territorial competence or of attribution will be applicable. The present contract will be governed by the Belgian law and any dispute emanating from the present contract will be subject to the exclusive competence of the Belgian tribunals (Nivelles).