250 units (1 capsule / day) for healthy adults in their 40's or 50's. This 250 units can also serve as a maintenance for older people who have been taking higher doses in the past and want to stand on a reduced cost program. Results were shown to have increased short telomere length and improved immune system function, increased endurance and other benefits.

500 units (2 capsules / day) improve short telomeres length, restore the immune system, and improve bio markers, increased energy, endurance, vision, sexual enhancement, and more. This dose is recommended for people who are generally in good health and expect to be proactive in longevity and healthy aging.

1000 units (4 capsules / day) this HIGH DOSE is recommended for clients who are:
- Over 70 years of age
- Are of any age and have found their telomeres them to be short
- Have reason to believe their immune system would have particular benefit.

You can expect from this dose to have an increased benefit over the lower doses (but not a proportional one). Study has shown experienced lengthened telomeres, restoration of immune systems, bone density improvements and other bio marker improvements which usually decline, energy increase, endurance, cognitive improvements, improved vision, sexual performance, and an overall feeling of wellness.